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Company History


  • A group of scientists, specialists in infrared technology, start VIGO System Ltd. -a spin off from the Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland


  • VIGO System receives The Photonics Circle Of Excellence Award for the Photovoltaic Detectors recognized as one of the Most Technically Innovative New Products of the Year


  • VIGO System receives ISO 9001 accreditation


  • Introduction into the market IR cameras developed at VIGO System


  • VIGO System is transformed into a private, joint – stock company


  • MOCVD laboratory opened at VIGO System. The developed technology permits growth of complex HgCdTe multilayer heterostructures with any desired composition and doping profile, as required for highest performance optoelectronic devices


  • VIGO System moves to a new extended development and manufacturing facilities located in a special economical zone at Euro-Park WISŁOSAN in Ożarów Mazowiecki, situated of the boarder of Warsaw (Poland)


  • VIGO System receives a Technology Loan supported by the Innovative Economy Operating Program (IEOP), co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. With this project five new technologies developed at VIGO have been implemented

  • At the heart of the Tunable Laser Spectrometer (TLS) on board Curiosity rover are the IR MCT detectors PVI-4 and PVI-8.2> developed by VIGO System. TLS during the Mars Science Laboratory mission permits measurements of methane, water and carbon dioxide abundances in the Martian atmosphere and evolved from heated soil samples


  • VIGO System’s completes a new facility. With the new building the total production, laboratory and office space expands 3000 square meters



  • VIGO System's Initial Public Offering on Warsaw Stock Exchange



  • VIGO System in cooperation with Military University of Technology has opened a new MBE Laboratory located in VIGO System premises