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Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies


The division of women and men in the governing bodies of the company

  • at the end of 2015
    • The Management Board contained of 2 people (men
    • The Supervisory Board contained of six people, including one woman. 
  • at the end of 2014
    • The Management Board contained of 3 people (men).
    • The Supervisory Board contained of five people, including one woman.


The division of tasks between the members of the Management Board

  • CEO, General Director
    • implementation of the strategy of the Company, including the planning, coordination and supervision of the main functions of the Company
    • monitoring the implementation of strategic and operating objectives of the Company and presenting the achievement of these objectives to the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting; Quality policy
    • development of technology and research and development activities
    • supervision over the sales and marketing activities of the Company, the development of markets in which the Company operates
  • Member of the Board, Chief Financial Officer
    • financial and credit policy of the Company
    • administration
    • internal control system
    • accounting and business management reporting
    • Investor Relations
    • functioning of legal services
    • organization of The General Meeting of Shareholders and securities trading
    • HR management
    • acquisition and accounting of national and EU funding


The rule concerning changing the entity authorized to audit financial statements


Information on diversity policy

The Company has not developed a formal diversity policy in relation to the authorities of the Company and its key managers, however implemented personnel policy of the Company in all processes, particularly recruitment, performance appraisal, promotion and professional development includes such elements of diversity as gender, education, age and experience recognizing diversity and equality of opportunities as significant competitive advantages enabling capture and retain talented employees and use their full professional potential